Hibernate Tips ‘n’ Tricks - 15 Tips to solve common problems


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You probably know this situation: Your customer asks you to implement “just a tiny, little change”. After a few hours … or days … you recognize that you can’t implement it that easily. And at some point you think: “I can’t be the first who tries to implements this!” You’re probably right …

Hibernate provides a lot of lesser known features that help you to implement common requirements quickly. The problem is that most developers don’t know about them. They spend days to create their own solution when it just takes an annotation or a few lines of code to: - implement multi-tenancy - support a database-specific data type - map an SQL-snippet instead of a database column to an entity attribute - retrieve the elements of a mapped association in a defined order - generate UUIDs as primary keys - write an audit log documenting all changes performed on an entity - and more …

Thorben Janssen Thorben Janssen

Thorben Janssen is an independent trainer and consultant and the author of Amazon’s bestselling book Hibernate Tips - More than 70 solutions to common Hibernate problems. He has been working with Java and Java EE for more than 15 years and is a member of the CDI 2.0 expert group (JSR 365). He writes about Java EE related topics on his blog www.thoughts-on-java.org.