Distributing UIs across devices


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We have more and more devices, but we still mostly use them in isolation. If we combine multiple devices, we have benefits such as more screen real estate or more diverse interaction modalities, for example when we combine a mobile phone with a TV. In this talk, I will showcase some sample applications that distribute their UIs across multiple devices. You will learn how such applications can be built with state of the art the web technologies. The aim of this talk is to get you to see the potential of cross-device application in your own domain and help you get started in developing them.

Maria Husmann Maria Husmann

Maria recently defended her PHD at ETH Zurich. Her work is at the intersection of human computer interaction and web engineering. She researches how developers can build applications that distribute their UI across multiple devices. Previously she worked as a software engineer on traffic control projects. Maria recently also started a part-time position as a lecturer for creative web and mobile development in the Digital Ideation program at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.