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method_archi Methodology & Architecture

Room 8

Thursday from 13:00 til 13:20

There was a time when development team were made of developers only: those times have gone. Today more and more projects are dealing with varying subjects and the complexity grows faster and faster. If you aim at delivering a complete solution in all its aspects from design to user experience, from integrating artificial intelligence components to sales, you have to make sure that all elements create a perfect synergy. This is bread and butter within our team and after working together on several projects we have found out the perfect solution for a very prolific collaboration between designer, data scientist and developers. Thanks to our different backgrounds we can always find creative solutions which integrate all aspects in a very effective way.

Luca Simone Luca Simone

Luca Simone is a Software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in developing, implementing, and managing complex projects with several technologies. After several years as Java developer, he’s now focusing on Web applications building both frontend and backend. He likes public speaking at conferences, loves to contribute to open source projects and to expand his knowledge solving challenging problems and staying on the bleeding edge. He holds a Bachelor degree as IT Engineer and during his studies, he won an award given by IDSIA which is one of the top 10 artificial intelligence institutes in the world.

Uros Savic Uros Savic

Product Designer for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning @ Swisscom.

Maxime Darçot Maxime Darçot

After having earned two Master Degrees in Computer Science And Embedded Systems with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence from Ecole Centrale Paris and Université Pierre et Marie Curie, I came to Lausanne for my end-of-studies internship in the EPFL AI Lab. I then founded a startup and I've afterwards been working as Data Scientist in the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Group at Swisscom, for almost 2 years now.