JDK 9: the performance bits or why you would really want to upgrade to Java 9


java Java Language

Room 8

Thursday from 16:40 til 17:30

Every major JDK release brings new and (mostly) exciting features with a ton of performance improvements. JDK 9 is not an exception in this sense as it consists of an impressive number of 91 JEPs, out of which at least a quarter are the performance-related ones.

In this session we will have a look at Java 9 performance improvements implemented in the language, core libraries and JVM itself. We will also talk about potential performance regressions and pitfalls to look out for.

If the pain of upgrading to Java 9 is worth the effort, you will decide for yourself. But I hope to give you enough incentives to entertain such an idea.

Dmitry Vyazelenko Dmitry Vyazelenko

Software developer interested in concurrency, performance and lock-free programming. JCrete disorganizer (http://www.jcrete.org/) and conference speaker.