Kafka Connect & Kafka Streams/KSQL - powerful ecosystem around Kafka core


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After a quick overview and introduction of Apache Kafka, this session cover two components which extend the core of Apache Kafka: Kafka Connect and Kafka Streams/KSQL. Kafka Connects role is to access data from the out-side-world and make it available inside Kafka by publishing it into a Kafka topic. On the other hand, Kafka Connect is also responsible to transport information from inside Kafka to the outside world, which could be a database or a file system. There are many existing connectors for different source and target systems available out-of-the-box, either provided by the community or by Confluent or other vendors. You simply configure these connectors and off you go. Kafka Streams is a light-weight component which extends Kafka with stream processing functionality. By that, Kafka can now not only reliably and scalable transport events and messages through the Kafka broker but also analyse and process these event in real-time.

Guido Schmutz Guido Schmutz

Guido Schmutz works for the Oracle Platinum Partner Trivadis. At Trivadis he is responsible for the innovation in the area of SOA, BPM and Application Integration solutions and leads the Trivadis Architecture Board. He has long-time experience as developer, coach, trainer, and architect in the area of building complex Java EE and SOA-based solutions. Currently, he is focusing on the design and implementation of SOA and BPM projects using the Oracle SOA stack. Another area of interest are Big Data and Fast Data solutions, and how to combine these emerging technologies in a modern information and software architecture. Guido is an Oracle ACE director for Fusion Middleware and SOA and a regular speaker at international conferences such as Orac