Challenges in Mixed Reality


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Room 6

Thursday from 13:00 til 13:20

Developing productive solutions for a mixed reality device like the Microsoft Hololens results in a whole lot of new challenges like where to place holograms, how to interact with them and how to design an intuitive user interaction within the mixed reality application.

Based on a real world case of Swiss Post, Roman and Sébastien will elaborate their findings on what the biggest challenges in mixed reality development are, and how to tackle some of them.

Sébastien Broggi Sébastien Broggi

Sébastien Broggi developed ASP.Net Intranet Applications for the past three years at the Swiss Post. He just recently finished his BSc in Computer Science at the University of Bern and joined Roman on Hololens projects in the past year.

Roman Messerli Roman Messerli

Roman Messerli works for the Swiss Post. One year ago, he seized the opportunity and started developing applications for the Microsoft Hololens realizing the potential of mixed reality in real world scenarios.