Angular the Redux Way


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Room 2

Thursday from 11:20 til 12:10

The immense positive effects a Flux application architecture will have on your front-end applications is a fact. With centralized state and immutable data as guiding principles, your application will have less bugs, is much more predictable and handling errors will be as simple as it can get.

In this talk, Gion will guide you through the basics of NgRx Store and how to implement centralized, immutable and reactive state within your Angular application. You will learn how different requirements can be implemented using simple but effective state manipulation patterns.

Gion Kunz Gion Kunz

Gion Kunz worked with AngularJS for over 5 years now and is one of the earliest adopters of Angular 2. Gion also speaks about Angular at conferences regularly.

He's working as a freelancer in Zurich Switzerland, where he helps customers building websites and web applications. Besides working for clients, Gion is a head instructor at the SAE Institute in Zurich and loves to get his students enthusiastic about the Web.

He is also the creator of the responsive charting library Chartist, and he loves to contribute to the open source community whenever he finds time.