Harness the power of Spark SQL with the Data Source API


bigdata (Big) Data

Room 2

Thursday from 13:00 til 13:20

A deep dive into the Spark Data Source API, which allows arbitrary data sources to be exposed for consumption through Spark SQL itself. You will be able to go beyond natively supported formats like JSON or CSV and query your favorite non-relational database or even your own web services through the convenient and familiar interface of SQL, using Spark itself as a distributed query engine.

Stefano Baghino Stefano Baghino

A software engineer for the past eight years but a lifelong developer and learner, Stefano was lucky enough to test his skills on several platforms (Web, mobile and native) to address the need of several industries (power generation, energy automation, finance, advertising, transportation). He has contributed to the Apache Flink project and now works as a Data Engineer at eBay, enabling a team of Data Scientists to explore large data sets and extract valuable insights.