Java 9 Is Coming!


java Java Language

Room 2

Thursday from 13:30 til 14:20

Java 9 is coming and it is more than just Project Jigsaw (yes, I was surprised, too). In this talk you'll learn about ...

  • nifty new language features
  • new APIs like stack walking and collection factory methods
  • the additions to existing APIs, like Stream, Optional, the Process API, and more
  • Java's REPL, the JShell
  • and other niceties

The elephant in the room, Jigsaw, will also get its five minutes in the spotlight.

After this talk you will be prepared to experiment with Java 9's new features from day one.

Nicolai Parlog Nicolai Parlog

Nicolai is a thirty year old boy, as the narrator would put it, who has found his passion in software development. He constantly reads, thinks, and writes about it, and codes for a living as well as for fun.

Nicolai is the editor of SitePoint's Java channel[1], writes a book about Project Jigsaw[2], blogs about software development on[3], and is a long-tail contributor to several open source projects. You can hire him[4] for all kinds of things.

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