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Tobias Denzler is working as a software engineer for SBB IT in Switzerland. He is a Java enthusiast and affected to various kind of exciting programming and technology topics.


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1 year of PaaS usage at SBB: what layer is responsible for what technical concern & lessons learned


SBB is moving rapidly to an Openshift v3 PaaS: after 1 year, there are already 20+ Java applications on the cloud, including strategic applications (about 800 containers). It brings the self-service PaaS to developers.

This is a huge improvement over the previous much heavier and not automatic processes. It is also significantly cheaper and it abstracts the applications from the underlying cloud or hardware provider.

There are many technical features (we call them capabilities) that running applications need to satisfy, such as react to failures on various levels, locate services, correlate logs, upgrade applications, alarming, …
We structure our talk by capability and discuss for each, how we achieve the capability and what layer is responsible for it: the PaaS, the application code or the development stack (Spring Boot)?

Do you want to learn how you will work in the future? There are enough mistakes possible, you do not have to repeat ours (better learn from ours). ;-)