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Marcos is a developer evangelist at Twilio where he serves communities in London and all over Europe. He is passionate about technology and security and spends a great deal of his time building mobile and web apps, and occasionally connecting them to physical devices.

Marcos is a great believer in open source projects. When he’s not writing open source code, he’s probably blogging about code.

He’s also a great API enthusiast and believes they bring peace to the Software Engineering world.


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I just hacked your app!


Android security is nowhere near where it should be. I have been able to hack and get sensitive information from a few different apps and I’m just an amateur hacker at best.

Whether it’s because we are exposing information when making HTTP requests to our backend servers or because we’re simply storing things we shouldn’t in our apps, it’s easy to forget mobile devices aren’t as safe as we think they are.

In this session we will explore a number of ways an Android app can be exploited and most importantly methods that we can use to avoid these attacks.

We will finish by looking at common techniques that will help you protect sensitive information within your application by adding tampering detection and making sure every external communication request is made securely.